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Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Caught Meek Mill Lacking At A Hollywood Store

It seems Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty caught Meek Mill lacking in a clothing store in Los Angeles yesterday.

Rising rapper Retch spotted Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj on the same day, and the weird run-ins have fans looking sideways. While the up-and-coming rapper posted photos of himself and the two rappers, it appears a lot more than that went down inside the store. TMZ posted a video clip of a confrontation between the two parties inside the store. You could hear Kenneth Petty yelling at Meek, who was surrounded by what appears to be security. It didn’t seem like they came to blows, but the situation was pretty tense. The incident went down at a upscale clothing store in West Hollywood called, Maxfield.

New Jersey rapper RetcH caught up with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill on Friday afternoon and stopped for a quick photo op to later update his Instagram. RetcH hailed Meek Mill as one of his favorites of all time. He took to social media to share a photo of the two standing in a clothing store in the city together. In the caption, Retch wrote, “ONE OF MY FAVORITE N***AS IN THIS SH*T SINCE I WAS A KID ON GOD, REAL DOWN TO EARTH DUDE FR LOVE BIG BRA,” he said. In the picture, Retch is dressed in a black hoodie and hat with a winter jacket.

Fans noticed that Retch was wearing the same thing in a photo he had posted earlier with Nicki Minaj. It looks like he ran into the rapper in a different store that same day, which some found to be a peculiar coincidence.

“JUST RAN INTO THE QUEEN SHOPPIN FOR DRIP WE WAS BEEFIN AT FIRST WE FRIENDS NOW @NICKIMINAJ,” RetcH wrote in this caption. The photo was taken by Nicki in selfie mode. The rapper was clad in a Balenciaga top and showed off a natural pout with her designer shades.

While Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were not spotted together in the same place, fans were enthralled by the strange occurrence and made quite the spectacle of it. Nicki and Meek have not been spotted together in years and are currently thriving in their own separate lives. In 2019, Nicki needed her now-husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty. The rapper told fans that she wants to step away from the music for a while to start her family. Speaking of family, Meek Mill and his fashion designer and clothing brand owner girlfriend Milano Di Rouge are expecting their first child together this year.

I wonder how Meek and Nicki felt to see themselves photographed on the same day separately with the same person wearing the same outfit? Well, now we know what really went down in that store.