Elephant Man Goes Soul Train For New Dancehall Cut “Skankers” – Watch Video

Elephant Man takes us back in time for his newest dancehall cut, “Skankers.”

The Energy God is notorious for always coming with something unique, something fun, and timeless, and “Skankers” lived up to the expectation. Your hunger for great dancehall content will be satisfied with this one from its catchy lyrics and infectious beat down to the music video production. We know that Downsownd’s Skatta Burrell produced the track and Ce’Cile added her creative touch to the concept of the music video, while Jay Will helm the direction of the cut.

“A just dance we a dance tonight / Watch the Skankers them and them team / We a party fi the rest a we life / When we ready fi the floor unnu better gi we room,” Elephant Man deejays while shouting out some of Jamaica’s most iconic names in dancehall. Several of these dancers made cameos in the music video, including Marvin Di Beast, Shelly Belly, TC, Dolly Body, Daniboo, Dancing Rebel, Pretty Pretty and John Hype. Some dance groups also made their way to the music video set, including Exclusive Dancers and Black Ice.

Major Lazer’s Walshhy Fire kicked off the Soul Train-themed video while donning an afro and a retro 70s outfit. “Skankers did we find it,” he asked the eager audience before introducing the main act, Elephant Man. “We have a special guest all the way from Jamaica right here for us Skankers tonight. Bigger than the Bro Gad, richer than an Arab, he goes by the name Energy God make some noise for Elephant man.”

Ele has remained one of dancehall’s most iconic and consistent voices, especially when it comes to dancing anthems. With over two decades in the game, he showcases experience and confidence on this new track that was accompanied by a fitting music video ripe for the time.