Reggae Legend Bunny Wailer In Rehab Following Stroke, Wife Still Missing

Bunny Wailer
Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer is currently in rehab following a stroke, but his wife is still missing.

Bunny Wailer, the last living member of the original reggae trio The Wailers, is currently battling hardship on two fronts. In one corner is his ill health, which took a major blow when the legendary singer suffered a second stroke, which landed in the hospital. The singer is now working his way back to better days at a rehabilitation facility in Kingston. The singer’s manager Maxine Stowe expounded on how his recovery has been coming along while speaking to The Star.

“Jah B remains on the recovery road that throws some curves, but we have been able to keep everything stable and progressing. It’s a long road but it is not bushy and we are not judging by quick results,” she said.

The family and friends of the singer would have definitely appreciated some quick results in the matter of Bunny’s missing spouse Jean Watt. 73-year-old Bunny, who is also affectionately called Jah B, is aware of the status of the search of his 71-year-old wife, and is reportedly unsettled that he is not able to help. Watt, who suffers from a condition that causes memory loss, was last spotted leaving her yard sometime in May.

A cash reward of 1 million JMD is being offered by the family for any information leading to her return. Sadly, none of the leads have proved fruitful.

“It is not until you are looking for someone that you realise that there are so many persons who look like her,” said Maxine Stowe. “Up to this week, we have been getting calls, but invariably it is someone who resembles Sis Jean. There have been sightings in Linstead and Harker’s Hall (both in St Catherine), but what we realise is that sometimes it’s the same person who is moving around and being seen by different persons.”

She continued, “The search goes in cycles. There are different types of speculations but we remain hopeful. There has been no new information from police or private investigators. It remains an open case.”

Anyone who has any information about Watt’s whereabouts is being asked to contact your nearest police station or send a WhatsApp message to 876-850-4403.