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Desiigner Gets Roasted For Agreeing With 21 Savage About Rappers Biting His Rhymes

Fans are flaming Desiigner for claiming rappers bite his style.

Former G.O.O.D. Music rapper Desiigner really took off when he released his mega-hit single “Panda” in 2016. While he hasn’t been dropping many hits since then, he has managed to maintain a career in music. Regardless of the fact that he is less active in the hip-hop community now. Desiigner still remains confident about his impact on the game and how he changed it; more specifically, how other rappers use his samples.

When 21 Savage took to Twitter to admonish rappers biting his style on “Yessirskiii,” his collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert from earlier this year. According to Savage, he’s gonna need 50% from every artist using the hook claiming, “y’all getting outrageous with da biting I gotta get a rabies shot at dis point.”

21 Savage’s statement seemed somewhat preposterous enough, but fans were even more perturbed by Desiigner agreeing with him and asserting that rappers also copy his style as well. “Same a lot of people use my sound effect,” he wrote in response to Savage’s tweet. Fans began to react by trolling Desiigner, reminding him of things like “bruh your only hit was Panda” and pointing out the irony in his claim, considering he had long been accused of likening his sound to that of Future’s.

“N***a, then u gotta pay Future,” one fan wrote after reviewing Desiigner’s cosigned law. “Pay Pluto,” said another. Some of the replies got a bit harsh, with one fan writing, “U the last ni**a ppl gon try to be.” Others responded, “Big Cap” and told Desiigner that XXL Freshman 2020 rapper “Fivio does it better.”

Desiigner probably didn’t expect the backlash when he alleged that other artists use “his sound effect,” but was he in his own right to suggest this, or is he really just capping?