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Squash Is Mr. Rich Is Flashy “Potus” Visual – Watch It

Squash is aka Mr. Rich as he flaunts his riches in his new video “Potus.”

It has become evident that Squash is enjoying his time in the land of opportunity despite COVID-19 restrictions. The mounting evidence comes from the new releases the deejay has churning out over the last couple of months, all boasting a certain international feel. It seems he is finally solidifying his name on American soil, and he sings all about it in his newest release, “POTUS.” The acronym, which is short for the President of the United States, immediately forms a mental picture of Squash leading the 6IXX and ultimately trap dancehall into higher heights.

The riddim track feels very much like a previous release titled “Scotch & Soda,” however, with different lyrics. In this release, the artiste seems to take a jab at Alkaline of the rival MVP crew who has been living in The States for some time now. “Never see them with no girl dem a some dry land fish,” Squash deejays through the verse.

While the slight shade is mentioned, “POTUS” is more concerned with making money and having fun. Speaking of fun, Squash lets his hair down, literally, as he shows off his dancing skills while wedged between two beautiful “Hispanic” women. The 6IXX Boss keeps his videography team consistent with Wikid Media, the same creative force behind his other recent release. Fast cars, beautiful ladies, bold color schemes, rapid scene changes, chrome background, and Squash’s laughter all make the video a treat to viewers.

You can check out the brand new release below.