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Lil Yachty Reacts To Arrest For Speeding Flaunts Stacks Of Cash Tell Kids “Slow Down”

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty is responding to reports of his arrest for speeding, telling kids to “slow down.”

This week, reports surfaced that QC rapper Lil Yachty was arrested and charged for reckless driving in Atlanta. The incident actually occurred last week when Yachty was pulled over on the Downtown Connector near University Avenue. He was apparently doing speeds that surpassed 150 miles per hour on the interstate, which led to him being charged for exceeding the speed limit in that zone as well.

With the news surfacing a week after the fact, it was not certain if the 23-year-old rapper was still in custody or had been released. Lil Yachty answered the big question himself when he caught wind of the reports. Taking to Instagram to say, “I’m not in jail,” the Atlanta rapper shared a video of himself in the car with what the song in the background suggests is a million dollars in cash. The rapper also posted a video on Tik Tok telling telling his fans that he did got arrested and that they should slow down.

Piling the bricks of Benjamins on his shoulder in a disorderly fashion, Yachty shrieked as he came closer to the camera, and the video ended. The white Ferrari that he reportedly was speeding in last week was gifted to him by his label Quality Control Music in August. It appears to be the same vehicle he is seated in, in the response video on Instagram.

Interestingly, the same area where Yachty was arrested for reckless driving in his white Ferrari is close to where he crashed a red Ferrari earlier this year. He was reportedly speeding, and that exacerbated by inclement weather, caused him to lose control of the vehicle and spin into traffic before crashing into the U.S. freeway shoulder.

In May, Yachty released his album Lil Boat 3, and it was expected to be followed by the album End of Summer in August 2020. While the latter did not arrive as promised, it seems he is at least remaining relevant in the media until we hear that his album has dropped.

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I’m not in jail

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