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Dr. Dre Calls Estranged Ex’s Spousal $2 Million Support Claim “Absurd”

Dr. Dre is clapping back at his estranged wife’s request for $2 million.

The situation between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife continues to get even messier as legal teams on both sides take turns, making demands and firing shots at each other amid a contentious divorce. The latest statement comes from Dre and his team, who according to TMZ, are denying Nicole Young the nearly $2 million a month she requested in temporary spousal support as they negotiate the terms of the divorce. Dre says he is already paying for all of Nicole’s needs during this time, including allowing her to stay in his Malibu mansion, which is valued at between $20 and $25 million.

He also says that his security delivers meals made by Dre’s personal chef to Nicole three to five times a week.

The problem with these claims may be found in the existence of a prenuptial agreement, or lack thereof. Dre continues to use language and tactics that suggest that he believes a prenup forged between the two parties in 1996 will hold up in court, effectively granting Dre sole ownership of most of his wealth and assets. However, Nicole and her team have announced that they plan to challenge the validity of the document, arguing that she was pressured into signing it before their marriage and that Dre later tore up all copies of the prenup to apologize for forcing her to sign it. Nicole claims that since the document was destroyed, she believed there was no longer an active prenup between the two of them.

Dre gave a statement to TMZ regarding the recent actions of Nicole and her legal team, saying, “This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers.”

Dre says he will continue to pay Nicole’s expenses minus the fees being requested by her attorneys, which amount to around $5 million. It doesn’t look like there is a peaceful resolution in sight for this broken couple who have decided to part ways after more than two decades of marriage.