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Kanye West Reacts To Mase Demands For Apology, Admitted He Stole Flow From Mase

Kanye West admitted he stole Mase’s flow back in the day but refused to apologize.

Over the past couple of months, Kanye West has taken to using Twitter much like the president he has expressed his highly controversial support for. Using the platform to proclaim sensitive information about his own family members and his intentions to violate business agreements, Yeezy seems to be spouting off almost every thought and whim that comes to mind via tweet. He also recently used his Twitter page to demand apologies from Drake and J Cole, presumably for lyrics in their songs that many believed to be aimed at him. However, it looks like ‘Ye isn’t getting away with making these demands without receiving some demands of his own.

Pastor and former Bad Boy rapper Mase took to Instagram to respond to Kanye’s recent rant, pointing out that Kanye West’s attempts to fight against the power of the record industry is nothing new, and he should probably stop glorifying himself for it.

Mase is referred to Kanye’s lyrics in the 2010 track “Devil In a New Dress” when he warned, “Don’t leave while you’re hot, that’s how Mase screwed up.” Mase went on to suggest that Kanye own up to his mistakes, saying, “I know today you may see it very differently so… You owe me (and my family) a public apology and then some, if anyone owes you one.”

Kanye didn’t reply with an apology and knowing ‘Ye, he probably never will. However, he did take a step towards some semblance of humility when he admitted that Mase has a right to feel this way, saying, “I always felt funny about that line…Ma$e is one of my favorite rappers and I based a lot of my flows off him.”