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Drake Claps Back At Everyday Struggle’s Wayno, Celebrates Rec League Championship Win

Drake stake his claim to the clap back king title while celebrating his Rec League championship win in style.

Everyday Struggle host Wayno earned some notoriety last night after clashing with Canadian megastar, Drake. The rapper started his own basketball league some years ago, the Sanctuary Basketball League, which he calls the “poor man’s NBA.” League games are played on the NBA-sized court at Drake’s Toronto mansion, and last night the “Popstar” crooner’s team won the Championship.

But Wayno wasn’t convinced that is was a fair fight given Drake’s obvious advantage, and he lashed out on Twitter. “Of course he won the championship in his gym lol,” Wayno quipped, but Drizzy found the time to clapback, even though he was in full celebration mode.

In between the gold confetti, champagne, and photo ops, Drake shot back at the troll, saying, “You love to chat about next man ur a nerd.” A popular cultural critic, Wayno, has chided Drake in the past on his podcast, even taking on the so-called “Drake curse” just last month. For years, sports fans have taunted Drake for being a jinx, as any sort of endorsement by the OVO god usually results in that team’s misfortune. It seems he’s been able to safely ward off the bad luck, but there’s hardly anything even a megastar like Drake can do about haters and trolls.

Refusing to let Drake have his moment, Wayno clapped back, “I’m the nerd? nah Gz you just bothered by anything, imagine being bothered after winning a championship.” Drake’s extensive fan base took note of the mini squabble, and a few noted the obvious irony in his recent lyrics “Tired of beefin’ you bums, you can’t even pay me enough to react” from “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” “How are you a multimillionaire and one of the most popular artists in the last 10 years and still insecure about some random comments?” one fan demanded.

Another shot back their response, “Drake is “bothered,” yet Wayno was the one talking s*** about Drake winning a league he put together for no reason? Sounds like Wayno is bothered by anything Drake does”, and most were simply wondering, “Who is Wayno??”

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