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Fans Reacts To Cardi B Filing To Divorce Offset, Here Are The Best Tweets

Fans are reacting to Cardi B filing for divorce with mixed views.

News of Cardi B and Offset’s divorce is inundating media houses everywhere, but the real conversations are in the social media feeds. Fans of the rappers online have been reacting in starkly different manners, with some frantic about the idea of them separating while others evoke nonchalance and indifference towards it.

According to reports, Cardi B filed for divorce from her husband Offset at a court in Georgia on September 15, 2020, approximately three years after they were first married in September 2017. Some fans online thought it convenient timing and were not subtle when suggesting it was a hoax. “Chile, the streets are saying Cardi is faking this divorce for album sales because it won’t do well any other way,” wrote one user on social media.

The reactions that have ensued widely differed, with many fans turning to troll either member of the couple. Offset’s history of infidelity has been rehashed incessantly, while as absurd as it sounds, Cardi is being bashed for not “keeping” her man with her “WAP.” One fan, outraged about this, took to Twitter to say, “So because Cardi made ‘WAP’ automatically it was the pu***y that lead to her divorce,” they wrote sarcastically. “Not the infidelity, embarrassment or disrespect… okay just checking.”

Another fan defended Cardi B and condemned the idea of a woman’s worth being measured by her performance in bed. “I mean people have been saying vile things about Cardi and her body since this divorce was announced,” the fan wrote. “Somehow implying that her choice to divorce him is cuz she can’t keep him. Lowering her value and tying whatever is left to just her body.”

One social media user took the opportunity to use the couple as an example of what not to expect from marriage. “Another lesson from the Cardi and Offset divorce: Curves, sex or a child can’t keep a man Sis.” this chimer wrote on Twitter. The only thing that can keep a man is him wanting to be kept, how much he values the relationship and his morals. She gave him a second chance & he still messed up, damn!”

Cardi B’s overly sexual content and image have perhaps sabotaged her chances of a fair public opinion amidst her decision to divorce her rapper husband but ultimately, the rumored infidelity on his part should not be her responsibility. The Grammy Award-winning rapper is opting to not make a formal request for child support in the divorce settlement. She also wants to continue sharing custody of their daughter Kulture. As far as Cardi’s side go, many would say she’s being quite considerate on her own initiative.