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DaniLeigh Insists DaBaby Was 100% Single When They Started Dating

DaniLeigh is once again defending herself from criticisms that she broke up DaBaby and his baby mama relationship.

DaniLeigh thought all was above board during the time she spent with DaBaby. Around May, it looked like a new couple alert as it appeared as though the pair, who had collaborated on the single, “Levi High,” had progressed their relationship from professional to personal. Fans sleuthing on the ‘gram discovered that Dani and DaBaby were quarantined at the same hotel, which they took as confirmation that the two were dating.

The alleged relationship was not without drama, though, as the “Rockstar” rapper’s baby mama, MeMe, claimed that DaniLeigh had blocked her on Twitter as she was obsessed with her. By July, the romance appeared to be over, but the “Easy” singer was still fielding accusations from social media that she was a homewrecker. She wrote that the world has too much hate and insisted that she didn’t willingly gets into a relationship with DaBaby who was rumored to be in another relationship with his baby mama MeMe. Of course, the rapper’s ex believes otherwise.

Last night DaniLeigh posted a tweet that read, “I never had hate til I dated u.” She reportedly meant to write “haters,” later correcting it,” with it assumed that she was talking about DaBaby. When The Shade Room reported on it, the 25-year-old jumped in the comments to clarify her position. “That man was 100% single ‘to me’ when we started… I’m done talking about it tho I promise. ready to get this money and drop this album,” she wrote.

Dani would hardly be the first to be with a guy who claimed that he was uninvolved. Do you think she had been getting an unfair amount of flack?