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Joe Budden Defiantly Defends Himself From Bestiality & Domestic Violence Against Exes

Joe Budden is having the worst week of his career, but remains defiant as he defended himself from ridiculed against bestiality and domestic violence against his ex-girlfriends Cyn Santana and Tahiry Jose.

Joe Budden has spent the last few weeks defending his name on everything from arrogance to abuse. He’s having a truly humiliating week following a leaked phone call between him and ex-fiancée Cyn Santana detailing more of his abuse. From there, things got even worse after Santana’s alleged court documents began circulating, which show plenty of questionable behavior from the podcaster, including substance abuse, kissing their son on the lips, and inappropriate actions towards his animals. “Defendant, for reasons I cannot fathom, has personally masturbated the dog,” the papers read.

Since Budden announced his break from Spotify, he hasn’t had a break from social media backlash. The ex-rapper responded to these latest allegations via IG Live, saying that all the rumors day was “heavy” on him and affected his ability to address the rumors. While not speaking directly on what was said, Joe put his “slimy, nasty” former friend and Love & Hip-Hop costar Raqi Hunter for leaking the audio of his conversation with Cyn Santana.

Joe Budden claimed this was because she and Cyn, who once worked together, had a falling out. In the old phone conversation, Cyn Santana claimed that Joe was physically abusive during their break-up, “chasing” and “dragging” her as well as kicking her and their son Lexington out without a dime. “Raqi has spent the year attempting to bash me or drag my name, I think that she’s sick, she has dementia,” Joe said.

Raqi got wind of the viral IG Live and sent out a clap back of her own. “F*** you and anyone that wants to point a finger my way. Y’all are so damn dumb I didn’t have access to none of that”, she said, clearing her name and insisting she wants to be left out of the “circus” in her Twitter thread.