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NLE Choppa Says His Gangsta Rapping Days & Violent Lyrics Are Over

NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa says he is done with violent lyrics in his music so don’t expect anymore gangsta rap from him.

Young Memphis rapper NLE Choppa is hoping the recent announcement and subsequent implementation of his plans to stop glorifying violence in his songs will ultimately foster a more spiritual change in his fan. The rapper, who regularly shares his thoughts on Twitter as been using his platform to speak on various deep-rooted topics such as the coronavirus and how to beat the virus without a vaccine.

One of those tweets has now confirmed that the rapper will longer intentionally sing about anything that won’t spread positive energy.

“Ion Rap Bout Violence Nomo,” NLE wrote. “If You Hear It From Me It’s A Old Song :100: I Wanna Spread Positivity And Wake People Up. I’ll Still Drop Them For Y’all Tho But Just Know I’m On To Better I’m Tryna grow I Got More To Talk about Now.”

Choppa got his big break last year with his hit song “Shotta Flow.” The music video has racked up over ‘144,000,000 views on Youtube alone, catapulting him to mega national stardom. The gritty lyrics are accompanied by an even darker visual, which shows NLE and his crew brandishing guns galore.

“Who want the smoke? .223 came with the scope/Extended clip long as a rope/We wipe his nose, just like he had him a cold/I knew that boy was a h_e/Pull up with the gang, you know that we bangin,” NLW Choppa raps.

The 17-year-old sounded off a couple more tweets, seemingly responding to critics who believe he won’t have any content to sing about. Above a video of himself reciting positive lyrics, he questioned, “Who can’t switch it up?”.

He continued, “I can rap about more than murder. I’m speaking real from here on out I’m tryna help people through life imma tell you how to. Positive vibes only #NLE.”

The rapper continued his positive trek on Twitter and even dropped a roadmap for his followers who are looking to take on this positive journey with him.

“When you repeat watt you want out of life so many times in your head or just saying it out loud it starts to be apart of your DNA which means these things you manifesting will attract to you through the law of attraction. That’s why it’s important to think positive 24/7,” he tweeted.

While speaking to HipHopDX about his Top Shotta album, the rapper amounted to the shift in his approach to his newfound view of meditation. “It’s all about getting in the right space, being comfortable,” he said while relaying his meditation method.

Do you think that NLE Choppa will still be able to attract the same number of fans if he changes his lyrical content?