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Kanye West Named Highest Paid Male Celebrity In The World Amid Lawsuit In Arizona

Kanye West is laughing to the bank despite legal pressures in Arizona over his political bid.

Kanye West’s entire life seems to be a series of extremes. After suffering from a recent bipolar episode made very public by his erratic political appearances and troublesome tweets, Yeezy has now been named the highest-paid male celebrity in the world according to a newly released Forbes ranking, which reports the controversial star making $180 million over the last year. West took to Twitter to share the news with a caption reading, “That is a good start.”

Mirroring the highs and lows of his mental illness, Kanye West was served some bad news on the same day the story broke of his enormous financial success. An Arizona resident has filed a lawsuit against Kanye to prevent him from running as a presidential candidate in the state, claiming that the move would only act as an “election spoiler.”

According to Billboard, Rasean Clayton has hired a team of lawyers to stop Ye’s Arizona candidacy, pointing out that because Kanye is a registered Republican, he is not qualified to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate. “West will not be able to qualify for the ballot in enough states to muster enough electoral votes to prevail,” explained Clayton’s lawyers. “West’s minimal interest in playing a spoiler candidate on Arizona’s ballot is not enough to outweigh the factors favoring emergency relief.”

Since Kanye announced his run for president on the 4th of July, there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding his true motives. Many believe he may only be trying to split the vote so that the election turns in favor of Donald Trump for whom he has expressed support in the past. Others felt the move was a manifestation of his bipolar disorder since the illness tends to involve moments of grandiose and unrealistic aspirations. Regardless of the reason behind his run, Kanye’s candidacy has already been approved in several states and could result in real implications for the election.