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Kendrick Lamar Might Be Shooting A New Music Video, Here’s What We Know

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar was spotted seemingly shooting a music video in Los Angeles.

Compton rapper and living legend Kendrick Lamar was seen out in the streets of Los Angeles this week, participating in a nostalgic and nearly forgotten activity—using a payphone. K. Dot was photographed sitting on a crate while using the relic with a fast-food cup perched on top of the booth. Since nobody is buying that paparazzi simply happened to catch Kendrick after he lost his cell phone, fans are jumping to all kinds of conclusions about what this image could mean for the artist’s next big move. Several news outlets used the image alongside a claim that Kendrick was filming a music video for an upcoming project, although this is still just speculation.

Kendrick Lamar has had an incredible career over the last decade, releasing one classic album after another and finding himself on many credible lists of the greatest rappers of all time. Fans have been dying for a fifth album ever since 2017’s DAMN delivered incredible singles along with an extraordinary narrative-style experience. K. Dot has a reputation for keeping his personal life relatively low-key and only appearing in the public eye to perform and promote his new work. However, the socially conscious lyricist has been seen on the streets more than usual lately while protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kendrick Lamar also found a way to keep his voice in the ears of the people by narrating a recent Nike ad celebrating the life and career of the late Kobe Bryant. Several recent public appearances, a national Nike campaign, and a mysterious picture of Lamar using a payphone have all added up to lead fans to believe the next album may be in the works. 2020 has been nothing but trouble for many of us, so a new Kendrick Lamar album will certainly be a welcome breath of fresh air during these difficult times.