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A$AP Ferg Gets Kicked Out Of ASAP Mob Group According To A$AP Illz

Was A$AP Ferg kicked out of A$AP Mob?

The latest in a string of artistic falling outs seems to be coming from the A$AP Mob crew according to a recent Instagram post from A$AP Illz. Illz called A$AP Ferg out on his Instagram stories, writing, “Ferg ain’t ASAP NO MORE sorry guys. That n***a burnt out, songs dumb trash mr anthem can’t get right.” The announcement was not only surprising to fans, but apparently came as a shock to Ferg as well. Following his post up with a screenshot of his message history with Ferg, Illz showed followers that he hadn’t heard from his mob-mate for over a month before posting the diss, at which point Ferg sent a text asking for an immediate call from Illz.

A$AP Ferg has been a steady presence in the A$AP Mob along with other successful artists, designers, and rappers, including A$AP Rocky.

However, rumors began circulating last year that Ferg was distancing himself from the collective when he began dropping the “A$AP” while on tour. Since then, Ferg went back to using the A$AP name, and it was assumed all was well between the crew members. Obviously, that isn’t the case, and Illz certainly has some level of personal vendetta towards Ferg considering the incendiary nature of his post.

A$AP Ferg and his team have yet to respond to the announcement, other than the private message allegedly sent to Illz. At this point it doesn’t seem like Illz and Ferg agree on where Ferg stands in relation to the A$AP crew, and it doesn’t seem likely that Illz has the authority to be snatching the A$AP title away from his crewmates. It’s possible that Ferg will in fact be officially dropping the A$AP from his name in the near future, or this might all be the result of a personal beef that Illz decided to take public.