Vybz Kartel Drops Graphic “Yami Bolo” Video, Rumored Alkaline & Mavado Diss

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel drops a graphic and dark video for his new single, “Yami Bolo,” rumored to be Alkaline and Mavado diss track.

Graphic computer-generated graphics, explicit lyrical content, and a whole lot of guns are on display in Vybz Kartel’s latest video titled, “Yami Bolo.” The Romillion Entertainment, Times Media, and Lagikz directed, and shot mini-movie brings a lot to the table, starring Vybz Kartel’s protege Sikka Rymes as one of the leading persons carrying out the gruesome acts.

The video opens up with the female boss of the GAZA, at least a character playing that role, as pulls up to an “Undisclosed Location.” While on location, she not only orders a man to be slain in her office but also orders a hit on another rival based in Jamaica. The visuals bring to life a classic Jamaican gangster movie script, which is backed by some stellar acting. Things really heat up on the home front in Dela Vega City, Spanish Town, as the targets are hunted, captured, shot, and eventually beheaded by a gang compromising of a majority of females. The story unfolds as Vybz Kartel deejays about the level of savagery being mimicked on-screen.

Di Teacha makes it known that his rivals are no match for the Gaza, therefore, he takes pleasure in executing them without a cost, “Pro bono.” The song, which is produced by Droptop Records, is also being referenced as a shot at public enemy number one Alkaline. The villain portrayed in the mini-movie is a man known as “Troublemaker,” and Gaza fans have immediately pegged the lanky, dreadlock figure as a representation of Alkaline. Other evidence includes Vybz Kartel’s mention of the “secrets” he has for his rival’s mom. The line is seen as a possible hint at the age of the “Champion Boy” deejay. Some fans also believed that one of the prominent characters in the cinematic video is portraying Mavado, who is Kartel’s longtime nemesis.

Take a look a Vybz Kartel’s new video “Yami Bolo” below.