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Tekashi 6ix9ine Shares Video Of Lil Reese Crap Himself During A Beat Down

Tekashi 6ix9ine is savagely trolling Lil Reese on his doorstep.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has now officially gone to the dragons’ den and believe it or not; he is fully trolling one of the most savage beasts Chi-Town has to offer. The place in question is the violent Chiraq area of Chicago called O Block, and the firebreathing beast is Lil Reese, also known as The Grim Reaper. 6ix9ine and the Chi-Town crew have been beefing way before the rapper was arrested on racketeering charges. These charges resulted in him spilling information on his former gang members to put them behind bars and for him a lighter sentence.

Aside from allegedly biting the style of Chicago rappers, he also called a well-publicized hit on the God Father of Drill music Chief Keef. Just to rub a bit more salt into the wounds, the rainbow-colored hair rapper went to Chicago in 2018 under the disguise of feeding the homeless. In a clip circulating at the time, he left a number of persons from Chicago pretty salty or his comments. “I got 15 burgers here. Giving back to the community, because other Chicago rappers don’t give back,” he said.

After numerous threats of the rapper not being able to head back to the city, he has not made a resurgence and is shaking things up as his new album, Tattle Tale, is set to drop within the next couple of days. One thing is sure, 6ix9ine’s methods of promotion are very unorthodox, as apart from walking through the gritty O Block at daytime, he also shared an old video of Lil Reese receiving a severe beatdown which resulted in him soiling his pants.

While not fully confirmed, it is believed that some of the men who carried out the beatdown were met with swift retaliation from Reese’s protectors. However, even with those details, 6ix9ine proceeded to turn up the heat by completing a remake of Lil Reese’s beatdown. Maybe 6ix9ine’s decision to do a mock-up video came as an afterthought following Reese’s earlier warnings to not mix social media with reality. It’s simple, the “Trollz” rapper doesn’t care and boldly captioned the video taunting, not just Reese, but other gang bangers and rappers from the city to prove such.

“Chicago ni**as really think they the sh_t,” he said before promoting the album’s release date.

We are unsure if 6ix9ine is still in Windy City, but the best advice to him would be for him to pull out with his security, especially since both Lil Durk and King Von have ID’d his “black trucks.”

This is certainly not the stupidest stunt from Tekashi 6ix9ine, but bear in mind that he has an album to promote as he announced the release of his sophomore project, Tattle Tales, due next week Friday.