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Future Drops Lawsuit Against Estranged Baby Mama Eliza Reign: Reports

Future has reportedly decided that it’s not worth battling it out in court against his baby mama, Eliza Reign, who appears to be taking a victory lap.

Future has undoubtedly racked up quite a bill in lawyer fees during the past two years as he and Eliza Seraphin duke out their disdain for one another in front of a judge. Seraphin had adamantly tried to prove that the “Tycoon” rapper is the father of her 1-year-old daughter, Reign, whereas he denied that the pair had ever had any type of relationship. But while people may lie, genetics don’t, and Future was officially confirmed as the child’s dad in May after a DNA test determined a 99% match.

This did not put an end to the legal drama, however, as Future and Seraphin continued to sling proverbial mud at one another. She had claimed that the Atlanta artist had threatened her life and that of their unborn child by insisting she gets an abortion, while he accused her of slandering his image and making up lies for the sake of fame. It seemed like the defamation lawsuit had no end in sight, with neither party willing to concede, but all of a sudden, it has come to an end.

According to Bossip, the 36-year-old is no longer suing his 7th baby mama after dropping the case against her. Even more so, the case has been dismissed with prejudice, which in legal terms means that Futch can’t sue her again for the same thing. But while Future has put one legal matter behind him, the matter of child support is still on the table, with Seraphin not content with the $1,000 that the rapper has offered to pay per month, especially as he is believed to be worth $40 million. Last month, a judge dismissed Future’s lawsuit, which alleged that the mother of his child had committed criminal contempt of court by lying about her income.