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Future Takes Another L In Eliza Reign’s Paternity Lawsuit, Judge Denied Request To Drop Case

Future suffered another loss in court in a lawsuit filed by his baby mama Eliza Reign.

For the last few months, Future has been battling it out against his most-recent baby, Eliza Seraphin. It is almost hard to believe that the pair ever had any affection for one another, considering the nasty things that have been said on both sides. Seraphin initially struggled for months to prove that her baby, Reign, was the daughter of the “Trillionaire” rapper.

According to Seraphin, Future accused her of sleeping around and stealing his last name by stating Wilburn on the little girl’s birth certificate. She also alleges that Future threatened her to get an abortion, and has sued the rapper for libel, slander, and emotional distress. In return, he has accused his baby mama of defamation and invasion of privacy, believing that she has gone on a campaign to ruin his image and publicize personal details in order to gain fame.

As the legal drama pushes forward in court, a judge has denied Future’s request to dismiss Seraphin’s paternity lawsuit over “fraud” claims, Balleralert reported. According to documents that the 36-year-old filed, Seraphin committed criminal contempt of court by lying about her income. She reportedly asked that she not have to pay court fees due to financial hardship and unemployment. It follows Future’s latest plan to subpoena the companies for which Seraphin works as a brand ambassador.

The Florida resident, however, hit back at the artist’s accusations that she has a job, possesses several bank accounts, and owns an SUV by saying that Florida law allows one to claim indigency if they have less than $2,500 and that she only earns small amounts from social media promotion.

Meanwhile, Future has offered to pay only $1,000 for his daughter’s child support and refuses to hand his financial records over to the court.