Foota Hype Slammed For More Koffee Slander, Female Fan Apologize For Leaked DM

Foota Hype is getting hammered on social media for once again slandering Koffee.

Foota Hype is under fire once again for his constant jeering and jabs at acclaimed, Grammy-winning artist, Koffee. He has made it quite clear he’s not a fan of her tomboyish demeanor or mode of dress despite the singjay’s talents being her most lucrative selling point. Stemming from the viral discourse that erupted after fans peeped Lockdown’s visuals and lyrics, Foota Hype has been poking fun and finding fault with everything but the music since. Even though incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel sent some love her way with his witty wordplay—“Lockdown a me song, Koffee I’m feeling you”—it seems the selector has more to say although Di Teacha has spoken.

Things came to a head after Foota Hype reposted a screenshot of a direct message conversation between a young woman and Koffee’s official Instagram page as well as her response to TV presenter Ashley, who also appeared in the ‘W’ video. Just weeks ago in July, he turned up the implications on Koffee’s sexual preference when he reposted her cover of Fetty Wap’s sultry “No Days Off.” The upload earned him plenty of flak from fellow fans and industry players alike, including Ce’Cile, Serani, and Skatta Burrell.

“So unu want mi ignore this? It nuh sound right eno wah unu think?” Foota Hype wrote in his caption, unable it seems to spot the clue in his own query. Even popular Youtube blogger Amari Deraisx weighed in at the time, saying “Yes, Foota Hype, yuh can ignore it. Nothing nuh wrong if yuh ignore somebody life or dem lifestyle. It’s actually easy when yuh think about it enuh, jus keep yuh nose outta people business.” But not Foota, who was back again with another repost in August of a comment from Ashley, host of TVJ’s Intense.

Foota Hype/IG

In it, she stated, “keep yuh heart, me nuh want it” to which Koffee’s official account responded, “So you na tek ee from me?” Most recently however, a screenshot which had the “Pressure” crooner trending, shows Koffee’s official handle responding with a ring emoji to a question “Can I be your wife”, from a female user, @zhavialee. The young lady expressed shock at disappointment at the viral handling of what was simply her fangirling over being acknowledged by the superstar.

“Woke up from good nap to see this…this is the most sad, disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. and the fact that y’all saying I’m doing this sh*t for clout…that’s the last thing I wanna achieve in life, I don’t wanna be know & I don’t like to be seen!!” she tweeted.

“As I said before I’m Koffee’s #1 fan I was caught in the moment. I did apologize to her and like I said y’all are making it a big deal! She has a pure heart with pure intentions and so do I,” she said.

The viral effect was owing to Foota Hype’s repost, and within hours he got all the attention he was clearly clamoring for. “Dawg! This is big big f*****! F*** do you dawg? Everybody inna Jamaica love har except you. Lowe d girl!” Serani shot back.

Hype’s response, though quick, did little to hide his obvious obsession. “I don’t hate her. I hate the image she is projecting. I have my own views and opinion like everybody else and she is a public figure and so am I so I can speak about her if I choose to. She a push a lesbian image and me and nuff other ppl nuh like it and mi done chat,” he said.

By the end of the day, Macka Diamond called for an end to the antics as well. “I hear the critics talking all kinds of unkind things about this young girl and as a woman in the business, I feel bad when I hear it. I really don’t think Koffee is gay, and if she is so what? That’s her life. She is making good, wholesome music and is representing Brand Jamaica in a positive way. There are so many other things to debate about other than Koffee’s sexuality,” the veteran artist added.

Later, internet personality Wally British followed up with some wise words for the young starlet.

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