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Big Sean Announces Release Date And Cover Art For “Detroit 2” Album

Big Sean announces the release date and cover art for his new album, Detroit 2.

Following up on his birthday teaser, Big Sean has announced that his anticipated Detroit 2 album will drop on Friday, September 4th. The announcement from the Detroit rapper comes just one day after he was seen celebrating Kobe Bryant’s birthday, rocking an afro, and decked out in purple and gold. The rapper also revealed the intriguing cover art for the follow up to 2012’s “Detroit,” which features levitating street drummers playing on buckets of flowers above Sean’s head. The city has long been a source of inspiration for the artist, and he paid homage to his hometown in an accompanying trailer for the project.

“Detroit, to me is home. But I feel like it’s more than just a city, you know. It’s for real a mentality,” he says in the clip.

Earlier this year, Big Sean hinted at picking up where he left off with his Detroit mixtape, which was named the 26th Best Album of 2012 by Complex. “Detroit the mixtape deserves a sequel…feels right,” he tweeted back in March and was able to share an update in its final stages.

“I feel nothing but happy! Finally done recording #D2 Time for mixing”, he said. Speaking with DJ Khaled via IG Live in May, he also revealed that the album would have dropped sooner if it weren’t for the pandemic and his perfectionism. “I feel like a lot of people have been putting out good music, [but] I’m trying to put out my best music I’ve ever done. Ain’t a lot of artists putting out their best work in their catalogue, so that’s what I’m striving for. I’m goin’ a little extra. Because that’s what people deserve, that’s what we need right now.”

In the meantime, fans are staying peeled for a single or video off his 5th studio record, possibly from any of the enviable features such as Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, Jhené Aiko, A$AP Rocky and Post Malone. For their patience since 2017’s I Decided, Big Sean is hoping to have a lasting uplifting impact on his fans with this latest effort.

“I’m praying that this album touches people and we blessed enough to see success,” Big Seab told DJ Khaled.