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Big Sean Confirms “Detroit 2” Is Almost Done

Big Sean

Big Sean says “Detroit 2” is almost here so get ready.

It has been over three years since Big Sean last released an album, and fans are counting. It seems like a long time to wait for a project we have all been hearing about for what feels like forever, but Sean says Detroit 2, his follow up to 2017’s I Decided, is “pretty much done”. Recording from his studio, Sean had a recent conversation with DJ Khaled on Instagram Live, saying, “I’m just putting the final touches on it.”

Khaled had a lot of questions for the Detroit rapper about the new album, including how many tracks we should expect and what big name features we can look forward to. Sean held all the exciting details close to his chest, saying that the project has “the right amount” of songs, and declining to name any guest appearances. He did, however, let fans in on one detail, saying we should expect a J Dilla beat thanks to the generosity of Common.

As far as who else we can expect to hear, he said, “It’s really about the music, who accents the music. Some artists make a specific kind of music and one sound, but I like to be versatile. It is versatility, so the album is definitely not just one sound.”

While Big Sean may be keeping the big details of his new project to himself, he did share that he sent his finalized album artwork to some of his famous friends, including J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott. He also explained what he envisions for the overall vibe of the album, saying that he wants to “uplift and inspire” his fans. “My thing is, I want people to feel the vibration of it and rise to their success though, more so than anything…” he said, “The most satisfying thing is to see the people who helped along the way change the world with you.”