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Tommy Lee Sparta Drops First Single Since Release Form Jail, “Hot Topic”

Tommy Lee Sparta dancehall

Tommy Lee Sparta dropped a new song amid his release from jail.

A new song arrived from dancehall artiste Tommy Lee called “Hot Topic,” and of course, it’s immediately trending. As the title suggests, Tommy Lee Sparta revels in his recently buzzworthy life events and boasts his popularity and status. The Boss Lady Muzik production is a mash-up of money, women, and gun talk while the deejay delivers his new head-bopping signature flow.

“Ketch di Louis V wid mi Off-White jeans / Tell dem seh mi sweet like sumtn wah can eat / Big Benz pull up a har feet / Mek gyal fall to dem knees / AC cold and mi neck deh pon freeze / Di Benz tank full up, needle nuh deh pon E / Jus crack di code so me have all key / Me a nuh no slave but dem chain ya pon me / Me a di hot topic / Fi mi name pon every gyal damn lip,” Tommy Lee sings.

This is Tommy Lee Sparta’s first single out since his release after being held in police custody under the state of emergency over a month. An attorney for the dancehall artiste says they will respond to his extensive unlawful detainment with a $100 million lawsuit against the state. “Tommy Lee’s original detention was not only ill-conceived, it was maliciously orchestrated,” attorney Ernest Smith told the media.

“Hot Topic” is currently No. 11 on YouTube’s trending chart. Sparta fans have been swarming the comments section with obvious excitement that the deejay can finally get back to his music. “He’s Back!!!!!! Welcome Home Tommy Lee!!!!” one elated support wrote. “Hot Topic fi real glad say the man finally free up,” said another.

Listen to “Hot Topic” by Tommy Lee Sparta here.