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Chris Brown Urges Zendaya To Release Their Music Video Shot 4 Years Ago

Chris Brown wants the world to see the music video he made with Zendaya.

Back in 2016, Chris Brown and Zendaya stepped into a studio and recorded the track “Something New.” The song was initially supposed to be a duet between the Euphoria actress and Babyface, but the end product has Chris singing the verse, “Hey what you doing tonight? / I see that look in your eyes / I feel the same, yeah, yeah,” as well as joining Zendaya on the chorus. She said at the time that she wanted to work with Breezy as he could sing and dance, and in order to push herself, she needed to surround herself with people who have a high standard.

While “Something New” possesses a lyric video that was released three weeks after the single dropped, its official music video has never been seen by fans. The closest they ever got was a 25-second clip shown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with it believed that Zendaya shelved the video as she did not want to be associated with the “Go Crazy” singer. This was around the time that Breezy claimed Kehlani was seeking attention with her suicide attempt, prompting Zendaya to unfollow him on social media.

Four years later, Chris is trying to have the music video see the light of day — as he claims it’s just too fire not to. “@zendaya I HOPE YOU DROP THIS VIDEO WE DID A LIL WHILE AGO!!!!!” he wrote on his Insta Story. “ITS TOO FIRE TO BE ON DA SHELF.” Zendaya has not responded to Breezy’s request, but seeing as she has focused her attention on acting rather than music these days, we doubt Chris should hold his breath.