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DaBaby Settles $100K Lawsuit Filed By Concert Promoter

DaBaby no longer owes thousands to a concert promoter he allegedly bailed on last year.

Back in May 2019, DaBaby was booked to perform at Centro Night Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts, but the show never went ahead. The “Rockstar” rapper canceled the gig following a violent altercation in which a fan was beaten up by members of DaBaby’s security team. According to witnesses, the 22-year-old, who raps under the name Don Trag, attempted to take a photo with the Charlotte native, but his bodyguards intervened and began assaulting him. Trag sustained swelling to his brain and neck and transitioned into a coma.

As a result of DaBaby not fulfilling his end of the contract to take to the stage, Nothing to Something ENTertainment sued the rapper for $100,000 in damages, claiming that $33,000 had been spent on promotion and payment to DaBaby. In turn, the rapper counter-sued, alleging that NTS had breached the contract by not providing adequate security. Following a back and forth, the case has now been closed as both parties have reached a settlement, The Blast reported. While the details of how much DaBaby had to fork over remain confidential, we do know that all claims have been dismissed.

The good news comes amidst more good news for the 28-year-old artist — his collaboration with Roddy Ricch has been certified as a summer hit. With the knowledge that the weather will soon begin to turn cooler, “Rockstar” has recorded a 10th straight week atop Billboard’s Songs of the Summer chart, which features the 20 most-streamed singles of the season.