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Lil Kim Says Her and Mr. Papers Might Be Taking Their Relationship To OnlyFans

Lil Kim is flirting with joining OnlyFans with her baby daddy.

Lil Kim and the father of her child, rapper Mr. Papers, are officially back together after a nearly five-year breakup. The couple has a long and tumultuous history, but it appears they are doing better than ever and ready to take on the next phase of their lives. Speaking on Instagram Live during an episode of The Fat Joe Show, Kim explained why the uncensored platform OnlyFans may be the next big move for her and Papers.

“We’re a freaky, kinky couple and we love it,” she said while smiling next to her ex-husband. “We just love having fun. We’re in talks with [OnlyFans]. They’ve been calling us, and you know, they reached out to me awhile back, but it wasn’t a good time. Now, I’m like, ‘You know what? Maybe it makes sense for me and my hubby.’”

Joe seemed to like the idea, responding, “We’re gonna have an OnlyFans, Lil Kim and Papers! That’s gonna be somethin’!” Papers also chimed in on the prospect of taking his sex life to OnlyFans, saying, “Oh baby, listen! I just got a milk deal, man I got a deal with the milk company. It’s gonna be crazy!” Kim giggled into Paper’s chest before clarifying, “Yeah no more milk on the girls though, he’s gonna pour milk on me now.” At least one IG user can be seen in the comments saying, “DON’T DO IT.”

OnlyFans has gained popularity since the start of quarantine as a platform for fans to pay for access to uncensored content from many different types of celebrities. The site has quickly become a place to find pornographic content, so it’s easy to imagine what Kim and Papers might have in mind for their channel. For Lil Kim fans, the move might be a disappointing step away from music, but everyone needs to make money somehow during these difficult times!

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