Cardi B Promotes Vybz Kartel “WAP” Remix, Calls Kartel One Of Her Favorite Artists

Cardi B is inching towards a collab with Vybz Kartel who she calls one of her favorite artists in the world.

It’s a hot girl summer for a second straight year, and the frenzy is just getting started. “WAP” has been winning all week, and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s erotic gold-certified hit even has a few unofficial remixes adding to the hype. Fans are hoping all that could change in the coming days as Cardi has taken an obvious liking to Vybz Kartel’s risque version. Following up on her stamp of approval days after Kartel teased the remix, the self-professed Gaza girl did a second repost on Sunday night, captioned “Haaaannn this my one of my FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WORLD @vybzkartel. He remix WAP all the way from Jamaica.”

Cardi B loves her some Kartel, frequently citing his music and influence on her social media. By 2017, she had proudly declared, “Vybz Kartel my favorite artist of all time. Me and my friends’ teenagehood was all about dancing to Kartel! Free Worl’ Boss!!” and even wanted to pay homage in person while in Jamaica that same year. The hitmakers have immense respect for each other that fans are hoping will result in him being officially featured on 2020’s raunchiest banger.

For now, there’s comfort in the minute and a half clip that’s still top ten trending and nearly 350K views strong. Kartel responded to the Cardi’s second endorsement with, “Nuff love & Respect Mami!!!! @iamcardib this a #CardiBdubplate! So its not local …its global!!!” taking an obvious jab at the current election dubplate trend that he finds hypocritical and unnerving. While blasting his fellow entertainers for their conflicting contributions to political endeavors, the “World Government” deejay has since been joined by Bounty Killer in condemning the campaign songs.

“Dancehall burn politics now artistes doing dubs fi dem.smfh.. me stop do conscious song bout ya…a bay gun lyrics! cause uno beyond learning tpc,” Kartel wrote on soocial media days ago.

Vybz Kartel fired more shots on his IG stories today at an unnamed offender—”you hear dem a talk bout artiste fi take money and do dub..dats why dem name did call inna fish business, choo likes. Real bow lion dem.” Cardi’s timing is on point, however, as Kartel is now able to clapback at his critics with the internationally endorsed track, saying “dem ya dub mi do.”