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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Yaya Trying To Get NBA YoungBoy Back On IG

Floyd Mayweather’s daughter is making her case on Instagram to win back her on-again-off-again flame, NBA YoungBoy

After a brief hiatus from social media, Yaya Mayweather makes a bold return proclaiming that rapper NBA Youngboy is her one and only. If you’ve never heard about 20-year-old Iyanna Mayweather, A.K.A. Yaya, then you haven’t been keeping up much with all the headlines. She is the daughter of the legendary professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather. However, her famous father is not what she is renowned for, that would be her on-again-off-again relationship with rapper NBA Youngboy. The pair have been together for some time now, but it has been a rough ride. This is largely in part to Youngboy’s multitude of girlfriends.

The rapper seems to be pouring something into the water, as he has some type of crazy hold over women who throw themselves at him, all while knowing that he has a different girl for each day of the week. Despite the frequent social media posts showcasing him women here and there, Yaya has been dubbed the “wife,” and she has been a constant over time.

Youngboy is also quite popular for the large number of children he shares with various women. He allegedly has 5 children with 4 different women and another one on the way. His ex Kaylyn was also thought to have recently given birth to his child. However, she addressed the matter, announcing that she had suffered a miscarriage, and the photos of the baby she had posted belong to her brother.

So you can see, Yaya has quite a bit of competition. Earlier this year, she seemingly had enough of his promiscuous behavior after she visited him at his home to find him with another woman, his ex and baby mama, Lapattra Jacobs. Yaya and Youngboy then got into a fight during which she took a knife and stabbed Lapattra twice. Yaya was subsequently taken into police custody as she faced 99 years in prison if convicted of the assault.

After her release, NBA Youngboy posted the now-viral hilarious video of him angrily responding to claims that he was co-operating with police regarding the stabbing incident. He notably stated, “You talking bout this girl right here, my wife? You talking bout my wife?”

Despite that, it appears things quickly turned sour, as Youngboy began showing up more frequently on social media with a mystery woman who fans could only identify by her white toenails and grey sweatpants. It was at that point that many believed that he and Yaya had called it quits. Following that, he proudly revealed that the mystery woman was Youtuber Jazlyn Mychelle and that she was indeed his new boo regarding her as one of the top ten things he can’t live without.

Earlier this week, Yaya made her debut back on the gram, posting a photo of herself wearing some NBA Youngboy merch. The white slide slippers had the words “Never Broke Again,” obviously proving that Yaya was not over the rapper. Her post led many to question whether she and the rapper were back together or if she was just silently pining away. Today she added fuel to the fire publicly professing her feelings for the “Death Enclaimed” rapper.

“I only talk to Kentrell. I only want Kentrell,” she wrote on her IG Story.

Fans have begun to slam Yaya informing her that it’s evident that Youngboy is not interested in her. They have also called out poor fathering as a reason for her deep love of someone who clearly doesn’t respect her and doesn’t remain faithful. But to this, we point out that we are all on the outside looking in. No one truly knows the intimate details surrounding their relationship other than Yaya and Youngboy themselves and God.