Romeich Gifted His Most Loyal Worker A New Car, Here’s How She Reacted

Romeich Major
Romeich Major

Romeich hailed as the best manager in the dancehall industry as he gifts his employee with a brand new car!

Romeich Major, given name Rudolph Brown is the owner of Romeich Entertainment, which is a mega entertainment organization with various branches such as clothing, charitable donations, music production, and artiste management. When Romeich first entered the music scene, he was a high profile designer to the most popular celebs. He later transitioned over to music in 2010, adding production and manager credits under his belt. Now, he sees himself as a manager to a few of Jamaica’s prominent dancehall personalities, such as Teejay, Shenseea, and Ding Dong.

In this right, Romeich goes above and beyond for his team, from laying on the ground to get the perfect angles for Shenseea’s gorgeous photos to securing billboards and opportunities at Jamaica’s most publicized media events such as Reggae Sumfest. Romeich also ensures that his artistes are able to branch out, collaborating with numerous international acts. In the midst of Shenseea suddenly losing her mom, he remained a strong shoulder for her to lean on in her times of need as well as a comfort during her recent car accident. He is truly an outstanding manager. Today, he took things up a notch and showcased that while he does all he can for his artistes, he also extends this love and appreciation to his other employees.

Posting a video on Instagram of his enormous show of gratitude, Romeich gifted his employee Jade with a car. Jade wears many hats. She is a TV presenter, voice-over personality, event producer, and talent PR. It is clear that she takes her job very seriously and always gives it her utmost best. In the video, Romeich surprises Jade with the car, and she breaks down in tears as she cannot believe her eyes. Complete with bow and rose, Romeich asks, “You love me? There’s your new car.”

He then proclaims that she is a very good worker before teasing her that she can now visit her boyfriend while simultaneously suggesting that she can also now say her car is broken down as an excuse to not make it into work. He also posted a lengthy caption to go along with the video. He begins, “Is over 23 years I’ve known @jadethajem and she been with me for over 2 years and me can tell you her work ethics is best and she is very loyal.”

He continues, “You know entertainment world is in shambles in dem time yah and I told her she will have to stay home until work start up back but yet she still came work when I needed her shows how dedicated she is to @romeichent so I got a deal from @c.a.r.s876 so you know make @jadethajem happy!!!!! Make sure you don’t bl**dclart change!!!!! Here that gyal or a dirt!!!!!!”

Jade reposted the video with the caption, “I couldn’t possibly find enough words to thank you for this….Romeich u mek mi good good bawl! like bawl bawl. This means more to me than I can ever explain…mi caah stop BAAAWWWLLLLL ROMEEEEEICCCCHHHH Thank you so much. I don’t work hard expecting anything in return and I’ll NEVER STOP giving my all to this company and to you. I genuinely love and appreciate you sooooooo much! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! @romeichentertainment MY GENERAL! MY BOSS!!!!”

Many of the commenters on the video praised Romeich for his kind nature while declaring that Jade was certainly deserving of the sweet gesture. The only resounding question that fans were left to ask is, “Romeich, are you hiring?”