Beenie Man’s Ex-Wife D’Angel Blast OnlyFans Subscribers For Leaking Her Vaggy Photos

Beenie Man’s ex-wife, D’Angel, continues to experience fallouts from her OnlyFans account.

A couple of months ago, dancehall artiste D’Angel had announced her joining of the OnlyFans platform with a couple of racy and seductive images she shared to her Instagram. Since then, she has been heating up social media with even more risque’ content to attract a bit more clientele, obviously to secure a larger payout. However, her business venture took a recent hit when persons took screenshots of a couple of the images destined only for her OnlyFans crew and shared them without her consent. The “Stronger” artiste quickly lawyered up and threatened anyone else looking to expose her images. Sadly it seems D’Angel is now being forced to address another matter as rumors of her allegedly exposing her lady parts have started to circulate.

D’Angel caught wind of the image and took to social media to clear her name. According to the entertainer, the image being circulated online was photoshopped to create the idea that she was leaving nothing to the imagination. She had some very colorful words for the persons who transformed the image and started the rumor.

“Unno a tek picture and a go sign up pon me bloodcl**t OnlyFans page some likkle ba*ty wash boy or some likkle ba*ty wash gyal go and sign up on my OnlyFans a put out picture but me no have no problem cause me body look good and me clean, “No bloodcl**t boy no have no secret fi me nor no dutty gyal,” she said on her Instagram LIVE session.

She then addressed the topic at hand, “But now uno photoshop some picture and a put out now bout vagina this. Uno think say me a expose my bloodcl__t vagina to the world, or a sell my vagina, or a boy or no gyal can message me in my DM pon OnlyFans a talk bout them wa see my p__sy? You mussi bloodcl__t mad,” said a very angry D’Angel.

The ex-wife of Beenie Man mentioned that only a selected handful of persons reserve the right to see or to access her ‘gold mine.’ She then issued a direct threat to the persons who crafted the lie through their cleverly edited photo. “But if a war uno want make it bloodcl**t start a dat me a tell uno cause uno can’t stop tha bloodcl**t gyal ya food. And uno can’t bloodcl**t bring me down.”

“The picture inna the blue people, when me open me foot so dem take it and photoshop and put out pu**y. Uno go pu**y up under uno bloodcl**t mumma and uno puppa,” went D’Angel’s very clear cut instructions to her naysayers.

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In another clip, D’Angel praised her lady parts, mentioning that the one tacked unto her original image was definitely not has nice and vibrant as hers. “uno really think say my pu**y look so?” She questioned.

She mentioned that if the masterminds behind the acts were so desperate, they should have simply asked, and there is a possibility that she would have obliged. The entertainer pointed out a few more clues to solidify her case that the lower half of the image being circulated is not her anatomy.

While the OnlyFans platform does have a feature to block some devices from acquiring screenshots, it appears that hackers were still able to infiltrate and make off with the content D’Angel is offering up.

Some social media users felt that D’Angel was already aware of the drawbacks of posting semi-explicit content and should not be complaining. “You should never put out any naked pics in the first place, your choice so deal with the consequences now,” came one comment. Meanwhile, another had a few recommendations for the singer/model, “Boi me jus ago seh it DAngel nobody cares, Jesus Peas man, she nuh like 60? Why seeking suh much attention. Get a husband go get a family a pet do sumn man geez.”

We are sure D’Angel will be getting in touch with her legal team once more to fight this one.