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Nicki Minaj Barbz Canceled A$AP Ferg Over New Song’s Chart Performance

Nicki Minaj Barbz shows A$AP Ferg no mercy after the less than stellar performance of their new single on the charts.

The Barbz have proven they’re a deadly bunch before, but after A$AP Ferg’s latest offense, Nicki Minaj’s diehards are showing their teeth on a vicious rampage to have him canceled. As of today, the hashtag #AsapFergIsOverParty has taken the Twitterverse by storm, as the A$AP Mob rapper is being dragged for allegedly failing to submit his website sales that would have boosted their chances of scoring a number one record on the Billboard Hot 100. In their disappointment, the Barbz started the trending topic with many memes to illustrate the extent of their ire. After doing their part to buy, stream, shazam and promote the song, thanks to Ferg, the sizzling summer banger has fizzled.

The Barbz had expected to deliver their queen her third number one of 2020 while the expectant mother waits to deliver her own bundle of joy sometime later this year. Realizing that their excessive efforts were wasted, the Barbz rallied across social media to air out A$AP Ferg over the song’s poor performance.

Debuting at #19, it’s Ferg’s highest-charting debut, but of course, that means nothing to Minaj’s fans, despite the website sales story still has not been corroborated. It’s a little consolation that he’s also a long time Minaj collaborator as the betrayal of him not citing the over 60,000 song orders from his website was too much for them to bear without clapping back.

But Queens Charts, an online source on all things Onika, offered up a theory that says Ferg may not be at fault after all. According to @qcworldwide, “Nicki Minaj’s website pulled 13.3k Orders while Ferg had over 66.7k Orders. What I’m guessing happened is The 13.3k orders were submitted and gave us only 15k Website sales due to bundle buying. Ferg’s 66k is nowhere to be found. Here’s my problem. 66k could of been 100k+. And if you’re wondering why Nicki’s website had less it’s because her website kept crashing so we mass bought on Ferg’s website,” read the page’s explanation.

Realizing their breakdown of the issue may be falling on deaf ears at this point, they ended by saying “Y’all trended the hashtag but failed to realize Ferg has nothing to do with the submission of the sales. He’s the artist.” That’s an indication the Harlem rapper’s label may be the true culprits. However, the Barbz need a scapegoat and have already chosen one for this supposedly embarrassing affair. In response to the label-blaming tweet, one Barb let it be known “too late, they leaked his address, we heading to Harlem now” while another slyly wrote, “Right, lets trend #sonyisoverparty.”