Popcaan Asks His Mom Miss Rhona To Promote His Music At Church, Here’s Her Response

Popcaan was bugging out Miss Rhona on IG Live about promoting his new album at church today.

Depending on your denomination, today’s regularly scheduled sermon might get a little ‘unruly’. That’s if Popcaan actually gets his way, after taunting his very pious mother, Miss Rhona, on IG Live yet again, this time urging her to promote his latest FIXTAPE to her congregation. In the latest episode of ‘Poppy & Miss Rhona”, the unruly boss teases his unbothered, God-fearing mother with some of his explicit lyrics, and solicits her help building the buzz around his latest record-smashing release. “Mi fans dem, unnu tell dis woman ya fi go promote di tape inna church tomorrow nuh, when she reach deh!” to which she gives her signature, side eyed reply, “All ah unnu need Jesus.”

It’s not like Popcaan even needs the help, as he’s so far managed to momentarily dethrone Bob Marley from the top of the Billboard Reggae chart while dominating iTunes and countless playlists with the masterful compilation. We know the amusing antics between mother and son are all in the name of good fun, and he knows just how to push her buttons even when it looks like he’s gone too far. Ms. Rhona even playfully asks him why she wasn’t featured on the project, so she could tell all his fans that ‘Jesus is coming soon’. He ignores her, and goes on to deejay a line he thinks will be sure to impress her congregation, “Gyal come look fi di money, I’m rich/ Tun a Christian gyal inna bad b****”, which obviously agitates her even more as she shoves him away.

The moment wouldn’t be complete if the “Silence” deejay didn’t offer her a puff off of his spliff, which of course, riles her up even more. When she refuses his endorsement requests, Popcaan says, “Dis woman inna trouble enuh, cah she nah do di right ting”. Miss Rhona claps back telling him, “Ah yu nah do di right ting, you need to give your life to Jesus, yuh stay deh. It look like you nuh see seh di worl change”, referencing the bizarre occurences of 2020 as a ‘sign of the times’. Though there’s never a dull moment in their exchanges, it could never be said that Popcaan doesn’t heed his mother’s warnings, and he’s actually one of the more prayerful and spiritual artistes on the dancehall scene, despite him saying “me nah give my life to Jesus” to his mother.

Since the literally overnight success of his latest album, besides the chart data receipts, Popcaan’s posts have been filled with nothing but praise for his talent and supportive team. His caption for the post of his mind-blowing feat read, “4 albums in the top 25 Bob Marley alone!!! anyways me ago read me bible later.” He then followed up the weekend’s worth of good news by reposting a clip from ‘Abundant Life – Words of Wisdom,’ which is a meditative docu-series narrated by deejay.

“Taking time out to give GOD thanks for life; thank you for giving me a talent so I can bless other people heart and soul across the world. to everyone who’s supporting us we appreciate you all To my whole team thanks for playing your part because I couldn’t do it on my own!!! Respect to everyone out in the world streaming my fixtape right now thanks for the love. #unruly,” he said

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