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Master P & Snoop Dogg Raises Awareness For Teen Basketball Prodigy Murdered in LA

Romeo Miller and Master P
Romeo Miller, Master P

Master P and Snoop Dogg are using their star power to help the family of a murdered basketball prodigy in Los Angeles.

Master P wears many hats in the hip-hop game, and there’s no limit to his efforts to effect change in Black lives. Following the murder of Compton teenage basketball star Semaj Miller, he took on the role of activist and community leader, bringing awareness to the aspiring hoopster’s immense potential and tragic end. Sharing scenes of the youngster’s vigil via his Instagram, the rapper solicited national attention for yet another youth with a promising future whose life was snuffed out early due to gang violence. Tapping current NBA heavyweights in his heartfelt message, he also helped start a GoFundMe account to assist the teen’s family who’ve been shaken by his violent death.

The standout small forward who was gunned down in South Los Angeles on July 29 would’ve made it “straight to the NBA” according to his high school coach. Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, is not related to the slain prodigy but became close to him through his ongoing outreach. “I’ve been taking care of the kids in Compton for over 22 years, they call me Coach P. Semaj could have been the next @demar_derozan, #KawhiLeonard, @iambarondavis, @russwest44 @caronbutler @ygtrece @iamraymondbrothers #JamesHarden or @kingjames , but he was gunned down in LA, now we will never know,” Miller said. “I’m praying for the family, for their peace and justice. We are supposed to be preparing our kids for college not for a funeral. R.I.P. young superstar Semaj Miller. I know you are balling up there in heaven, you will never be forgotten. @snoopdogg @lakers @laclippers”.

Following up with a short video including his son Mercy who was a friend of Semaj and also the same age, he spoke on the “messed up environments” that a lot of youngsters are exposed to that ends up being their downfall in one way or another. Adding that he’d be covering funeral costs, both Master P and his son encouraged donations to the grieving family who it seems intends to vacate the area as the assailant has not yet been arrested. Snoop Dogg, who’s an avid basketball fan and close friend of the New Orleans mogul, has also stepped in to assist and promote the GoFundMe page.

Aside from being a hip-hop heavyweight and accomplished businessman, Master P also had a career stint on the court. Playing for the Toronto Raptors and the Charlotte Hornets at one point, it’s obvious why Semaj’s death stings the way it does for the emcee. “Who’s gonna come back and take care of the hood if we kill all the future superstars?”, the “Gone” rapper asked. “To be 6’7 at 14, he was a special kid but he also had a good heart. As Parents, we have to start spending more time with our kids. This family can use your help HERES THE LINK TO HIS GO FUND ME (Semaj Miller) Salute Snoop Dogg for stepping up and supporting!” Miller said.