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Lil Baby’s Ex Ayesha Airs Him Out On IG Over Son’s Unpaid Tuition, Jayda Cheaves Respond

Lil Baby is in the middle of some baby mama drama on Instagram as his son got kicked out of school over unpaid tuition.

The word deadbeat doesn’t immediately spring to mind when Lil Baby’s name comes up, but that’s exactly what one of his exes is alleging on Instagram. Known to charge 100K for a feature, Baby is also big on activism and education, starting a $150,000 scholarship program at his former high school in Atlanta back in March. However, the mother of his oldest son, Jason, aired him out today for allegedly neglecting payments on the boy’s school fees, resulting in him being expelled from the institution. But Lil Baby was ready with the clapback, letting it be known he’s no loafer and telling the internet to “excuse my child’s mother she’s delusional.”

The timing of the rant is rather interesting, as Lil Baby’s current boo, Jayda Cheaves, was gushing just this morning over his latest gift of a brand new, baby-blue Birkin bag. “This is how you do it, this is how you wake your girl up. Take notes,” she said zooming in on the pricey merch on her IG stories. Her photo with the caption “He gon blow a bag just to keep me happy” might have been a trigger for the tirade that followed and his baby mama Ayesha brought out all the receipts, even taking issue with the Rolex he bought his son since he “can’t even tell time”.

Claiming the “Get Money” rapper is way behind on their son’s tuition payments, she blasted Lil Baby in all caps on her Instagram Stories. “@LILBABY_1 JASON’S SCHOOL TUITION HAD AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE BEFORE THE VIRUS EVEN CAME ABOUT I HAVE EVERY EMAIL,” she said on Instagram Stories. “DUE TO YOU NEVER PAYING IT THEY TOOK MY BABY OFF THE PORTALS SO HE WON’T RECEIVE ANY VIRTUAL LEARNING PROGRAMS FROM HIS SCHOOL BECAUSE THEY BASICALLY KICKED HIM OUT.” Posting a full breakdown of the charges, she told the “We Paid” emcee to “STOP HIDING BEHIND THE MATERIAL CLOUT SHIT AND STEP THE F***UP!”

Lil Baby, it seems, had time today, and despite the uploaded proof, sent back a series of cryptic IG stories messages before firing off one lengthy response. “Crazy the s*** people do for attention…. even crazier the s*** people post…. but I take great care of both my kids …..an p.s school don’t open to Aug 19 an I’m not sending my son to no damn school…. I’ve actually paid for him in house tutors once they’ve figured dates according to COVID..” Suggesting she’s the one at fault for not teaching their son anything during quarantine, he totally ignored the statement summary with a $10,000 balance that was three months past due.

For those who tuned in to the tit for tat, as Lil Baby said in an earlier post, ‘some stuff just doesn’t add up.’ If he was behind in payments all this time, it’s super convenient that only after Jayda’s Birkin hit the timeline that Ayesha chose to ‘expose who he really is.’ Another point is that there appears to be a lack of communication between the two, as Lil Baby went ahead and secured tutoring without informing his child’s mother. Though his COVID precautions are warranted and commendable, the clear animosity between the two will only cause more social media squabbles.

By later in the day, once again, a post of Jayda’s sent Ayesha on a rampage, this time just between the two females. Jayda’s tweet that read “Boss Up. Point Blank” set Ayesha off again, and both of them got into it across platforms. Ayesha brought up Jayda’s Walgreens lawsuit, that Jayda came looking for her at her workplace and that she essentially let Jayda have Lil Baby, maintaining that the argument is not over her blue Birkin. Less than two months ago, we reported that both were working towards staying civil with Ayesha, even declaring “there is absolutely no drama between this family now go make peace with your own” to internet instigators.

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Some fans think Jayda riled her up only to turn around and play the victim while others feel Ayesha’s the unrelenting aggressor in this case. What do you think?