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Alkaline Trashes Popcaan New Album On Twitter In Beef With Unruly Fans

Dancehall deejay Alkaline takes a shot at Popcaan’s new album after he is provoked by an Unruly fan.

It seems that Popcaan has really scored with his new project titled, FIXTAPE. It is all anyone is talking about, and the entire compilation has taken over all of the spots on numerous music charts. The project was released only last night at midnight, and the effect on fans thus far is incredible. The Unruly fans can’t get enough of the album, and they currently have it on replay with many of them highlighting the features with Drake, Jada Kingdom, Masicka, Quada, Skillibeng, and Tommy Lee Sparta as their favorites.

Interestingly, the headlines surrounding the project have not been all positive as OVO boss Drake utilized the album’s listening party to respond to Mavado’s diss track “Enemy Line,” during which he chided the Canadian rapper stating that he would never be a Jamaican.

After this slight at Mavado who’s “MVP” camp Alkaline is a member of, it is not surprising that the Vendetta boss would already be on edge when he posted a promo for his track “Ocean Waves” on Twitter with a link to the streaming service Tidal, and a fan replied unnecessarily proclaiming, “#FIXTAPE OUT NOW.”

Alkaline responded to the fan in a since-deleted tweet writing, “Ya tell me dat fa battyman ?? guh listen yuh fishtape n lif up.”

We all know that Alkaline and Popcaan are not in cohorts with each other. The pair have been embroiled in a feud for years now and have released numerous diss tracks aimed at each other as well as they’ve taken to calling each other out at every opportunity on social media. The rift between them began about four years ago when the Vendetta boss accused the Unruly boss of stealing his deejaying flow and style.

Following that, Popcaan released his diss track titled “Stray Dog,” deejaying, “you no bad like Rihanna… Shot we play inna your head like piano… Me and your badness could a never similar.”

Alkaline counteracted with “Microwave” deejaying, “Streets dun know man legit inna war… Dem a boots up a likkle midget inna war… Flopcaan, worl know seh yuh nuh badman… Yuh get 30 million dolla wut a ride and a range as a prize.” In that line, Alkaline referenced the SUV that Drake gifted Popcaan.

Since then, it has been non-stop shots at one another mostly through their devoted bevy of fans who like to make homosexual geared jokes like the one in Alka’s response.

The Vendetta boss has received a lot of hate for his comment, with fans dubbing him as bad mind, hurt, childish, and immature. However, his fans have come to his defense. One user wrote, “When Popcaan tell people bou dem mada every 3 weeks ina comments pon instagram, all jokes , when Kartel gwan wid e bagga antics pon ig, all smiles merry time.. but as Alkaline open him mouth and defend himself he’s childish . Gotchu.”

For now, Popcaan has not yet responded to Alkaline, but this could very well be the start of another diss track war. Perhaps we will have to wait for all of the hype surrounding the “Fixtape” to die down before Poppy issued his response.