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Diddy’s Son Christian Combs Injured When Tesla Hit His Ferrari

Christian Combs escape a car crash with only minor scratches.

Diddy’s son, King Combs, was involved in a car accident while driving his Ferrari in the wee hours of Wednesday morning on Sunset Blvd. The budding Bad Boy rapper thankfully sustained minor injuries when he was hit from behind by a DUI driver in Tesla who was escorted away in handcuffs. Videos from the crash, which have since surfaced on TMZ, show the red Ferrari’s deployed airbags and badly damaged rear driver’s side while onlookers and police personnel probed the scene. Christian was treated on the spot and is no doubt resting up and thanking God that the scary incident wasn’t any worse.

Based on the nature of the damage Combs, who’s red Ferrari has been totaled just like Lil Yatchy’s some weeks ago, is very lucky to be alive. The up-and-coming star has been making steady strides in his career, dropping a few mixtapes and scoring features with the likes of Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor, and the late Pop Smoke. As the youngest son of one of hip-hop’s most iconic heavyweights, he’s shown an incredible amount of zeal for his craft and cites The Notorious B.I.G. as one of his top influences as he carries on the Bad Boy legacy.

Knowing he has huge shoes to fill doesn’t seem to scare him, and he says watching his father’s famous work ethic has prepared him for the spotlight his whole life. “The biggest lesson I learned from seeing my pops work is that it never stops. I’ll be with him the whole summer, the whole entire day, he’ll just wake up and work. Go to sleep. Wake up, work, work, work. Every day was work. It was never like he’s doing nothing for fun,” he said.