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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Vacationed Together Trying To Save Marriage

It’s not over (yet) for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The celebrity couple have been going through the toughest period in their 6-year marriage, with many suspecting that divorce may be on the cards. While the “D” word has indeed been thrown around, the pair appears to not be giving up and trying to save their union.

Things began to spiral out of control just two weeks ago when Kanye West held his first presidential campaign rally in South Carolina. During the event, the “Wash Us in the Blood” rapper revealed, as part of his party’s anti-abortion stance, that he and Kim Kardashian had considered terminating her pregnancy when she was carrying their eldest child, North. The reality star was livid with her husband for disclosing such personal information and believed that he was having a bipolar episode.

The suspicions escalated when Kanye began posting a series of tweets that claimed that Kim was trying to have him committed, calling his mother-in-law Kris Jenner “Kim Jong-Un,” and alleged that Kim had cheated on him with Meek Mill. The mother-of-four had indeed met the “Otherside of America” rapper last year, but it was to discuss prison reform, which both are very involved in. Despite the pair not even being alone at their meeting, Kanye West claimed that he had considered divorce ever since.

The Grammy Award winner had reportedly refused to let his wife visit him at their Wyoming ranch and was avoiding her calls, but a visit by Justin Bieber changed his mind. The musicians’ friendship has a deep grounding in religion, and after Justin came by, Kanye wrote a public apology to Kim on Twitter. According to TMZ, the couple is now attempting to mend their relationship, with Kim Kardashian heading to Wyoming last weekend, and Kimye is now embarking on a family vacation, which is the first time they have spent time all together in months.

Let’s hope it does the trick.