Dancehall Artiste Tommy Lee Sparta Taken On Police Raids, Several Arrests Made

Why was Tommy Lee Sparta taken on a police raid?

The Jamaican Constabulary Force has tweeted an update in the case involving dancehall deejay Tommy Lee Sparta. Detailing the arrest of 10 alleged gang members in St Andrew on Thursday, police personnel implicated Sparta’s involvement in the process, though not explicitly stating his role. “The St James Police escorted Leroy Russell otherwise called ‘Tommy Lee Sparta’ to the Corporate Area last week, where searches were conducted at several apartments,” the tweet read.

Following the raid, fugitives, “top-tier” gang members and criminals on the country’s most wanted listed were successfully nabbed. Landing what they called “another major blow into the operations of one of the country’s most feared gangs,” the JCF announced that ten men “linked to the Downtown Sparta Gang,” were taken into custody “during multiple coordinated operations across the Corporate Area.” Among those arrested is “the man listed as St James’ Most Wanted; Christopher Boyd otherwise called ‘Plank’ of the Downtown Sparta Gang.”

According to the social media thread, Boyd is “wanted for the murder of Desmond Clarke otherwise called ‘Dangles’ and wounding with intent of Andre Hall otherwise called ‘Beenie.” An eighteen-year-old female of a Flanker address, who was held in the company of Boyd, is also presently in police custody. While “investigations continue into the activities of the gang,” Tommy Lee Sparta remains behind bars, much to the dismay of his fans.

Currently held under the imposed SOE where a person can be detained for up to 90 days without being charged, Sparta has suffered nauseating spells and tearful breakdowns while jailed. He’s had to be hospitalized at least once and is heartbroken that the life he’s denounced and removed himself from keeps haunting him. His children are also allegedly affected while his attorney, Ernest Smith, is convinced “they are punishing Mr Russell without just cause.” His fans have sent prayers and started a petition for his freedom, which they hope is coming soon.