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R. Kelly’s Ex-GF Azriel Clary Pens Touching Tribute To Joycelyn Savage & Share Private Pics

Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly
Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s ex Azriel Clary expressed her feelings towards his other ex Joycelyn in a lengthy tribute.

R&B icon and legend R. Kelly is currently incarcerated facing numerous charges in various states, including those which pertain to his sexual relationships with minors. His exes Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage are reportedly no longer in good standing with each other, and they no longer communicate with one another. A few months ago, Joycelyn was arrested following a physical altercation, which greatly impacted her friendships. Both women subsequently drifted apart as their thoughts and feelings regarding R. Kelly went in different directions following his arrest. It is alleged that Azriel is back home with her family and now understands that the relationship she shared with the singer was morbid. Joycelyn, on the other hand, is still faithfully devoted to R. Kelly.

On Azriel’s part, in her now enlightened state, she often reminisces her moments and memories with Joycelyn. On Thursday, July 23, she did just that by taking to her Instagram account to post photos wishing Joycelyn a happy birthday. For each throwback photo, Azriel sweetly wrote little messages. She began, “Wow. Your last birthday we spent together. I remember I lied to you & said I was going to talk to the attorneys but really want down to Michigan to get you as many things as I could under 1 hour.”

“I know we had our differences, but in my heart I will always love you, and I know I gave you tough love but I just wanted you to know your worth,” she expressed. “We went out, dressed up alone & couldn’t even enjoy the night because we felt we were doing something wrong. . sneaky, or disloyal. . you deserve to live your life, not in the shadow of someone else’s.”

Azriel further discussed that both her and Joycelyn suffered from depression, but she would try her best to make Joycelyn happy even at the cost of “someone” being upset. She questioned how “someone” could even be upset when he was in jail, simultaneously expressing that they were “entirely too loyal to someone who did not deserve it and took advantage of the genuine in us.”

She goes into greater detail about them, fighting also highlighting that R. Kelly used to have them separated and staying in different hotels. She also cited that he made Joycelyn turn on her.

There are various reactions to Azriel’s lengthy photo series with some persons admitting that they could see how she and Joycelyn would have formed a bond and a friendship over the years as messed up as their situation was. Others expressed that they would never be able to mend fences with someone who publicly attacked them and aired their dirty laundry. Still, persons hope that both Azriel and Joycelyn seek counseling and therapy simultaneously praying for them in the process.

See below for Azriel’s post in its entirety with all the photos showing their friendship throughout the years.

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