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Birdman Wants To Drop “Like Father, Like Son 2” With Lil Wayne Ahead Of Retirement

Birdman wants to drop new music with Lil Wayne before officially quitting the game.

Birdman says he is ready to lay down the mic once and for all, but not before hitting the studio one last time with his protégé, Lil Wayne. During an interview on the last episode of this season’s Young Money Radio, Birdman sat down with Wayne to discuss his career and his intentions for the journey ahead. He also mentioned that a collaborative follow-up to Like Father, Like Son is on his rap career bucket list.

Despite having gone through a tense period in their relationship, as well as a legal battle, the father and son relationship has held strong between the two moguls, and the mutual respect is obvious.

“I’d like to welcome my pops to the show,” began Lil Wayne. “And put some respek on hi f*cking name.” The two discussed the ups and downs of their relationship and Wayne’s career while signed to Cash Money. Nearing the end of the interview, Birdman used the opportunity to propose a joint project, saying, “I would like to do a Like Father, Like Son Two.”

Weezy was quick to jump on board with the idea, saying, “Man, come on. You ain’t got to ask. Come on, man, that was not a question.” He followed up with a plan to bring the album to fruition, saying, “You know I’m going to send you six joints for you to put the verses to them. You know how I do, man.”

Birdman reiterated that after this final production, he is truly retiring as an MC. “You know I’m done rapping,” he said. “Rapping ain’t for me no more, I’m done with that sh*t. I like to make rappers, that’s what I do.”

Speaking about his dream for the collab album, he added, “So, I just want it to be my little farewell thing. I want to go out how I came in.” In addition to his many moves in the music industry, Birdman also shared news of some of his philanthropic work, including the $225, 000 in rent he recently paid for hundreds of tenants in the projects of New Orleans.