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DJ Akademiks Blast John Legend’s Wife Chrissy Teigen, Tells Her “S*ck A D*ck”

DJ Akademiks got enough beef to feed the population until the pandemic is over.

The hip hop blogger/podcaster left from trashing Freddie Giggs to taking on John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen. Apparently, DJ Akademiks is still feeling salty for some old comments that Teigen made about him some time ago. AK was on one of his regular Twitch streaming party today (June 30) when he went off the rails. Things started last weekend when AK posted on IG that John Legend’s new album Bigger Love sold 26,000 copies in the opening week and called it an L. Teigen responded to his post in a comment that has since been deleted.

In his rant, DJ Akademiks told Legend to check his wife and pretty much told her to “s*ck a d*ck.” “I don’t care if you John Legend’s b*tch or any other b*tch,” AK said. “How about you take that f**king big a*s mouth of yours and that f**king weird a*s looking face and start promoting your man’s album and maybe he wouldn’t do 25,000 f**king first week.”

Akademiks didn’t stop there and mentioned that one time that she sneak disses him on social media. Outside of his rant about Chrissy Teigen, AK also took time to beef with Freddie Gibbs on Twitter, another artiste he claimed is a major flop for not selling over a certain amount of albums. Celebrity jeweler, Ben Baller, also felt Akademiks’ wrath when he egged on Freddie Gibbs takedown of AK. He called Baller an Asain guy who scammed black artistes for years.

It seems like the Everyday Struggle host is ready for anyone who wants to come at him. So in case you want to go at Akademiks for any reason, be prepared to get slander on his platform.