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Freddie Gibbs Flames DJ Akademiks On “Desus & Mero” Takes Victory Lap Amid Beef

DJ Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs beef
DJ Akademiks, Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs was on “Desus & Mero,” flaming DJ Akademiks as he takes a victory lap after AK got suspended from Complex and banned from Twitch.

Everyone at some point has been told, “If you want something bad enough, you have to speak it into being”. It seems rapper Freddie Gibbs is blessed with a powerful tongue as his wishes to have DJ Akademiks removed from his job have come to fruition. Only just two days ago, Freddie Gibbs launched a verbal assault on Ak, stating that he was going to “torture” him until he quit his job. The pair have been embroiled in a bitter feud that had nothing to do with Ak in the first place. After making statements that fellow rapper Jeezy was irrelevant, Gibbs was attacked by AK, who obviously took offense at his words.

During his new interview on “Desus & Mero,” Freddie Gibbs revealed how the beef with Akademiks started. “I told him, ‘don’t f*ck with me,'” he said. “This h*e a** got mad because he thought I was talking some sh*t about Gunna and T.I. or something like that, and when I made the little Jeezy comments, he wanted to jump in front of them bullets too.”

This has become Akademiks’ bad habit. He’s been firing off his mouth at just about everyone lately and one specific incident was extremely out of pocket and disrespectful. Earlier this week, he went on a vicious rant on Twitch, where he berated musician John Legend and insulted his wife, Chrissy Teigan.

You would think that after such distasteful words there couldn’t be any more to say. However, Ak continued his verbal assault, “I don’t care if you John Legend’s b*tch or any other b*tch. How about you take that f*cking big a*s mouth of yours and that f*cking weird a*s looking face and start promoting your man’s album and maybe he wouldn’t do 25,000 f*cking first week.”

The world was appalled by AK’s words, and many followers on Twitch and social media slammed him as a result. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have yet to respond to the foul remarks, but AK did end up apologizing for his statements and behavior. “I definitely wanna start off by kind of like apologizing for some of the stuff that’s been going on outside the show. In particular.”

Well, that apology was not enough, and Ak was subsequently suspended from his show “Everyday Struggle” on Thursday, July 2. Upon hearing the announcement, Freddie Gibbs could not contain his excitement and joy. Taking to Instagram, he posted a hilarious meme from Big Fendi, which shows his head photoshopped onto the body of a funeral attendee. The post was captioned, “Just left a service for @akademiks. RIP,” alluding that Ak was dead.

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Just left a service for @akademiks ?? RIP ??

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He also added an image of a tweet that reads, “Complex has suspended @Akademiks for his comments toward @chrissyteigen. He will be apologizing to her on the next EDS episode. Twitch has banned Akademiks for promoting careless behavior (excessive drinking and ranting like a child). He will appeal.”

Ak’s other enemy, Meek Mill, quickly liked the post, and he also took the time to comment a slew of laughing face emojis. Normally he’s the one copping the Ls, so he must take absolute pleasure in Ak getting his butt handed to him. Maybe he and Freddie should team up to drop a song about the power of manifestation.