SZA Gets Dragged On Twitter For Suggesting She’s “Queen Of R&B”

SZA music

Black Twitter wasn’t too thrilled after SZA made this statement.

SZA divulged that fans have dubbed her the Queen of R&B, however, in a hilarious twist, fans have fired back questioning who in the world would ever refer to her as such. SZA most definitely has a few hits under her belt with tracks such as “The Weekend,” “All The Stars,” “Just Us,” featuring DJ Khaled and “The Other Side,” featuring Justin Timberlake. She has made a huge impact in the music industry, and her legion of fans absolutely adores her. However, she managed to rub them the wrong way during a recent interview, where she made some seemingly invalidated claims.

Sitting down with Wonderland Magazine, the R&B crooner divulged her musical influences, collaborations, and her fear of releasing new music. During the session, she mentioned that she has previously been cited as the Queen of R&B. She expressed that she dislikes being referred to as such, noting that she does not want to be confined to one genre.

“I spent too much time growing up on just as much Imogen Heap, and listening to Comfort Eagle by Cake and vibing for people to call me a ‘queen of R&B. Why can’t I just be a queen, period?” stated the songstress.

While fans undoubtedly recognize her musical efforts, they quickly launched an assault trolling SZA for her claims. The frenzied Twitter universe kicked up a storm hilariously asking, “Who said that?” via numerous puzzled face memes. One fan tweeted, “I love me some Sza but I wanna know who these people are that are calling her the queen of r&b,” another added, “To be the queen of r&b, you need to be able to sing live and she proved she can’t sing for sh*t. All that yodeling and singing in cursive like she always does needs to stop.”

Critics continued to rip into the TDE singer stating, “Queen of average ass R&B music” / “SZA, I love you boo, you’re gorgeous and one of the most talented young artist out for sure, but no one’s calling you the queen of R&B baby” / “Her mom might not even agree with that” / “It’s sad bc’s she’s a great R&B that actually delivered on a classic album but she’s no queen of R&B.”

Thankfully, SZA did not allow all the harsh comments to get to her head, as to took to Twitter to laugh it off posting, “Lol”, “I’m sorry I won’t hate myself for you? Lmao”, and “Gotta do yo sh*t regardless baby iss gon be what iss gon be !” in a series of tweets.

With an army of devoted fans, her self-confidence is showing, and it is positively empowering. With fans begging her to “drop that new music sis,” SZA has more pressing matters at hand.