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Naya Rivera Fans Spreads Conspiracy After She Tweets Disturbing Eminem Lyrics

Naya Rivera’s fans on Twitter are touting a conspiracy after she might’ve reference a disturbing Eminem lyrics.

As recovery operations for Naya Rivera continue, fans believe that her disappearance may have been planned. It has been a harrowing couple days for the Rivera family and Glee fans around the world. The 33-year-old actress was last seen on Wednesday when she rented a boat with her son to take out on Lake Piru in California. When the 3-hour rental period expired but the vessel had not been returned, officials went out on the water and discovered the boat with only the 4-year-old boy asleep.

Josey told officials that his mother had gone swimming but never returned, leading to the belief that she may have drowned. While the child was wearing a life vest, an adult life vest was still present on the boat.

Search, and rescue teams have transitioned their search from that of a missing woman to a recovery operation for her body. The murky water in the lake has made the process slow and difficult. As the wait becomes more anxious, fans have begun to do their own investigative work on Twitter. The last tweet that Rivera posted was a photograph with her son, two days before the tragic event. The intimate picture was captioned “Just the two of us,” and fans have now made a connection to an Eminem song with the same title. The 1997 track disturbingly describes how a father takes his son to a lake and then drowns the child’s mother.

Lake Piru is notorious for having tree branches and other items within its depths that a person could get entangled in. Police have admitted that Rivera’s body may never rise to the surface but that they continue to do all they can to recover it. At the time time of publication, authorities continued their search using underwater sonar equipment and a specialized team of divers to help locate her body.