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Quavo Says Pop Smoke Would Be Alive If He Gave Him This One Advice

Quavo Huncho

Quavo says he could’ve saved Pop Smoke’s life if he had given him this one advice.

Quavo and Pop Smoke shared a close friendship prior to the New York rapper’s murder in February. Having been in the game for a number of years, Pop looked to the Migos rapper as a big brother and trusted his advice for music down to fashion. Speaking with Complex, Quavo details the love he had for Pop and how he would often give him advice that would help him cement himself in the game.

“As soon as Pop got on, he was ready to fly private and sh*t,” Quavo said. “So I let him know he needed to take it one step at a time, because this game will swallow you when you get to splurging. I just told him, ‘Man, you’ve got to take your time. I went from coach to first class to a jet plane, and it was all through years of growing and money managing.'”

“After that, we just started talking about life, girls, and what comes with the fame: jewelry, cars, and houses,” Quavo continues. “I feel like I missed that one. I ain’t put him up on game about the Airbnbs and stuff like that. I feel like I would have helped him. Nobody’s got a timeline on their schedule, so you can’t even say that, but I just miss my bro. I felt like if I was around, or near the spot, I could have done something.”

While the collaborative efforts of Quavo and the late Pop Smoke already brought us “Shake the Room”, it seems the two rappers were working on an entire mixtape together before the untimely death of Pop Smoke earlier this month. In a newly surfaced clip from an interview with Spotify’s RapCaviar, Smoke revealed, “Me and Quavo got like nine songs for real. You never know. You might just be hearing a Huncho Woo mixtape coming out or some sh*t like that.”

Sadly, Pop was gunned down in his home before the mixtape was finished, and now it is unclear if the completed tracks will ever see a release.

Pop’s most recent mixtape, Meet the Woo 2, is currently landing at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 after seeing an increase in sales after the rapper’s death. Quavo released a tribute to Smoke shortly after the announcement of his passing, saying, “Got To Kno This Kid! Very Talented Humble Respectful And Appreciative. Always Ask Questions Big Sponge To Knowledge Fast Learning Young Boss And The Huncho Was Here To Share That Anytime You Called Me! R.I.P.” Given that we now know the two rappers spent a great deal of time in the studio together, it makes sense that the Migos member would be deeply affected by the shocking death.

Investigations surrounding the death of Pop Smoke are still underway. Reports first indicated that his death was the result of a robbery gone wrong after the rapper posted pictures of cash and gifts to social media with labels revealing his home address. However, new evidence suggests Pop may have been the victim of a targeted hit after video surveillance footage shows the killer leaving the home without holding any stolen property. Only time will reveal what really happened.