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Pop Smoke Killers Didn’t Know Him, PnB Rock Says Pop Fired Shots At Them

Authorities say Pop Smoke’s killers had no idea who he was prior and now PnB Rock is revealing that the New York rapper fired shots after the men who shot him dead.

On the heels of a major break in the murder case of rapper Pop Smoke, Law Enforcement officials believe that the killers did not personally know him, but instead found his address on social media. Bashar Barakah Jackson, known professionally as Pop Smoke, was fatally shot and killed on February 19th, 2020, leaving the rap community broken. The tragic incident took place at his Los Angeles home, which he was renting at the time. Four masked men entered the residence, shot him, and later fled. It was stated at the time that it was a burglary gone wrong, however, many suspected foul play as the other persons in the home were left unharmed. Officers also noted that only a few items were taken. This prompted many to deduce that a friend of Pop had orchestrated the gruesome killing.

Over the past few months, many have mourned the “Dior” rapper and questioned if his killers would ever be brought to justice. Today, they were given a hearty answer as police arrested three adult males and two juveniles in connection to his death. The LAPD broke the news via Twitter, and LAPD Captain Jon Tippet stated in the following press brief, “We are confident we have the five individuals responsible for the killing of Bashar Jackson — Pop Smoke.”

He further divulged that the perpetrators did not know the rapper personally, “We believe that Pop Smoke posted his location on social media and that is how they found him,” Captain Tippet declared.

This is a factor that many persons had highlighted back in February upon hearing of his death. Pop Smoke had accidentally and unknowingly broadcasted his address via a post on his Facebook account the same day he was killed. In numerous photos and videos posted to social media, Pop Smoke and his close friend flaunted money, cars, and jewelry. The house number could be clearly seen in some of those images. On Facebook, he posted photos of gift bags he had received, and a tag sporting his full address was visible. Officials believe that the killers saw his address and the luxurious items and planned a burglary.

As mentioned previously, not many items were stolen from the home, and upon hearing of the arrests made today, fans now suggest that the “Welcome To The Party” rapper possibly did not want to inform the masked men where he had stashed the money and jewelry which is why they proceeded to shoot him. One user commented, “Sounds like he wouldnt tell them where the bag was like X. No amount of money is worth your life, you can always make it back.”

Rapper PnB Rock is making some strong allegations that Pop fired shots at his killers who ultimately took his life. “N***as don’t even know the whole story,” PnB Rock said while on his IG Live. “My man Pop Smoke popped one of them n***as in the crib. N***as tried to run down and got gunned down. Your man caught one of them n***as. You feel me? That’s heavy to me.”

This is certainly a possible cause, and it is a known reason why some robberies turn into homicides. We hope with this breakthrough in the case, Pop and his family receive swift justice.