Romain Virgo Is Ageless In “Best of Me” Visual – Watch

Romain Virgo is aiming to boost the self-esteem of his fans with his latest release titled, “Best of Me.”

Reggae crooner Romain Virgo teamed up with video director Kurt Wright to deliver the touching tribute to one’s inner self, by using the singer’s journey through the remote St. Andrew village of Bull Bay as a reference point for the many challenges one has to overcome through a lifetime. Wright also highlights “two extreme sports, BMX biking and surfing, that are considered underground on the island.” The messages surrounding the superb acting from Jeff Crossley and the other actors and actresses seem to be that you can pursue and strive at something even if it’s not what’s current or mainstream.

There is also a call for the more mature/older members of the community to be good role models for the youth and to lend a helping hand in the younger generation’s push to be successful. The powerful visuals sync perfectly with Virgo’s vocals as he sings. Go ahead and check out some of the lyrics. “When tomorrow comes and my race is done there’s no one else but you, no one else but you/If I start all over again I know that you’d be my friend/Yes I know it’s true, There’s nothing left to do/So I’m giving you the best of me,” Romain Virgo sings.

We have made it easier for you to stream “Best of Me.” Go ahead and click the play button below.