Missy Elliot And Spice Link Up For New Collab Coming Soon

Missy Elliot and Spice got a new collaboration coming soon.

Exactly nine years after dropping the video for their 2011 team-up “Fun,” Missy Elliot has confirmed that she and dancehall queen Spice are cooking up another collaboration. The pair were recently spotted turning up for Missy’s 49th birthday celebrations in Atlanta, painting the town with masks and hand sanitizers in tow. A fan observing the festivities with the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta costars, comedienne Pretty Vee and a host of others then reached out to see if there might be something else in the works and was pleasantly surprised. Missy sent back a teasing, to-the-point response that should keep both of their fan bases at the edge of their chairs for the exciting joint track.

Missy Elliot and Spice

Spice and Missy are old friends with a lot in common both—they’re both at the top of their game in their respective genres, have spoken out against the tragic public murder of George Floyd, and were recently honored by top tier US universities for their tireless career efforts. Back in 2011, when their first collaboration came out, however, Spice wasn’t the well known, internationally recognized figure she is today. Since then, Spice has become a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and reality TV star, adding to her aesthetic and appeal as time has passed.

Spice presence is now undeniable, and with Missy’s decades-long industry clout as a rapper, songwriter, and producer, the promised new track should be fire. Her response was a cryptic ‘Yup” to the fan’s curiosity on whether they were “cooking up a collab” so for now, there are no details on even a title, release date or if we can expect another sultry beach-party themed video like we got on their last effort. The clear takeaway from the “Triple Threat” rapper’s Twitter post is that a collab is coming from the two queens, and it’s already a guaranteed hit.