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Drake Reveals How A Spider Haunted Him For Days Made Him Angry

Drake looked a little stressed on his recent night out, and his fans were concerned.

Like many, Drake spent the better part of the last few months holed up in his Toronto home. The quarantine was even more necessary after the Grammy Award winner had had that COVID-19 scare from hanging out with NBA player Kevin Durand who was confirmed to be positive just a few days after their meeting. While Drake’s own test results came back clear, he confirmed that he would be staying in isolation in his $150 million pad (could be worse). However, there is only so much staying in one can do — even in a mansion that size — before cabin fever takes hold, so it was fair to see the “Toosie Slide” rapper out in Yorkville this weekend. That said, Drake looked far from calm.

Fans couldn’t help notice the distressed expression on Drake’s face. Drizzy looked less than comfortable as he walked amidst his troupe of bodyguards and seemed to rub his neck. Had something happened? Did he get into a scuffle? Was the pandemic paranoia getting to him? Before the internet went mad trying to figure out just what had gone down, Drake decided to put fans out of their misery and explain his unusual stance.

“A spider was crawling on me the other day and ever since then I keep feeling that s*** like 4 times a day,” he wrote in the comment section of 6ixbuzzTV. We’ve all been there, Drake.

The arachnophobia (aka fear of spiders) seems like less of a threat than those trying to sabotage his music, though. Over the weekend, Drake was also victim to yet another bunch of his tracks being leaked illegally. Let’s hope that he catches those responsible in his web.